Monday, March 30, 2009

Bill O'Reilly on The View March 30

O'Reilly doesn't Twitter because he says he has to think. No comment. O'Reilly, like many, still think people on Twitter are telling others what they're eating for lunch. If they are, they might be sharing a recipe. You can't understand Twitter until you actually get on and actively participate. You have to add a photo as step No. 1 and you have to find your thing. You have to figure out -- what is your Twitter voice? Mine is easy - what's going on in the Obama administration.
Twitter is like a community, one that you create. As in any community, you get to know who's who and who cares about what.
He calls the BlackBerry a blueberry.

Part 2. Joy asks if O'Reilly is jealous of Limbaugh. O'Reilly shuts Elisabeth down. That was pretty sweet.