Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Michael Spence Vs. Paul Krugman

It's the battle of the Nobel Prize winners -- Michael Spence and Paul Krugman have opposite views of Geithner's banking plan. Ugh. Smart people with the NEED to be right, at least in Krugman's case, who gets a lot of admiration from the left. In fact, most people on the left don't like Geithner. Krugman could be right. But it doesn't seem like Geithner's plan could outright fail. Rather, it seems like it could morph into Krugman's fix, if needed.
Spence doesn't seem to be as high profile as Krugman.
In case you missed, here's Larry Summers responding to Krugman.
It's Spence vs. Krugman:

Here's Michael Spence commenting on Geithner's plan: