Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama Teleprompter "Gaffe" Was a Joke

A switchup of speeches caused the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen to start reading Obama's speech. That was off camera. Then, as a joke (on camera), Obama pretended to read Cowen's speech and thanked himself, which caused the hard right wingnuts-- Rush Limbaugh had a fiesta-- to go berserk.
The teleprompter blog mentioned in this CNN video was likely created by a wingnut. It's only the wingnuts, the Birthers (still calling for Obama's birth certificate), that have a problem with Obama's use of the teleprompter. It fits their world view that Obama isn't smart. Heck, they don't even believe he's the president. They're just plain racist and as a group, disturbed.
There are even soldiers who are refusing to be soldiers because they don't believe Obama is the president. They would typically be called cowards but in wingnut world, they're being lauded.