Sunday, March 29, 2009

McCain on Geithner and Afghanistan

McCain mentions "good asset" banks. Are there any? Don't they all -- minus some of the community banks -- have bad assets? McCain thought Geithner explained the plan well but slammed him for not being coherent earlier.
McCain also mentioned that Geithner hasn't said how much is left from TARP 1. The WSJ estimates:
The Treasury has tried to revamp its $700 billion financial-rescue program, promising "a new era of accountability, transparency and conditions." But the Treasury isn't answering a key question: How much is left in the rescue fund?

Based on Dow Jones Newswires' reporting and calculations, it appears that Treasury has, at most, $52.6 billion left in its rescue fund. That would mean about 92% is already committed. That assumes the Treasury spends $100 billion in TARP funds to rid bank balance sheets of toxic assets.

The Treasury has yet to provide an official accounting.
McCain says the loyal opposition debate could be more respectful.
I'll post full video of Meet the Press when it's up here.

McCain says there will be lots of soldiers killed (casualties) in Afghanistan.