Friday, March 27, 2009

Randall Terry Calls Obama an Agent of Death

It astonishes me that people fighting against abortion are this idiotic. They fail to realize that their ideological--I'm right you're wrong--stance will NEVER change anything. The more righteous they are, the less appealing they are and the more they fail their very own cause.
Randall Terry of Operation Rescue appears to be more in need of mental health counseling as opposed to sane person presenting a legitimate argument.
Only when they step out of their self-righteous box will they actually accomplish something. In the meantime, they'd simply rather be right.
Terry, while slandering Obama, is pretending to be an agent of god. I'll never understand why this brand of  "Christian" doesn't get the irony of that. He's working to try and prevent Obama from speaking at the Notre Dame commencement. You know that's going to be an awesome speech.