Monday, March 30, 2009

Biden and Vilsack Visit North Carolina April 1

Biden and Vilsack will be showing how the stimulus is affecting rural America. They'll also make an announcement on rural housing funding. For more on how the stimulus is being used, check in at
Vice President Joe Biden and Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will travel to North Carolina on Wednesday, April 1st to highlight how the Recovery Act is helping rural America.

They will travel to Faison, North Carolina to visit the Goshen Medical Center, which is a rural area clinic receiving Recovery Act funds and serves Duplin, Eastern Sampson and Southern Wayne Counties.

They will then travel to Pikeville, North Carolina to visit the area’s Rural Fire Department’s main station, which is receiving Recovery Act funds to help build a new facility, because the current station cannot accommodate the necessary ladder trucks required to adequately and safely fight fires.

The Vice President and Secretary Vilsack will also make a major announcement regarding rural housing funding. WH