Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jindal Taking Another Whack Tonight Before Obama's Speech

Glad they're giving Jindal another shot. He's got it in him.
But if you don't want to hear his speech, I'll tell you what he's going to say: The deficit is too high and the budget is too large.
Swamp: Jindal will have a chance to voice his party's message tonight opposite the president's prime-time news conference.

Viewed as a possible presidential contender for his party, Jindal is headlining a congressional fundraiser for the GOP that happened to fall on the same night as Obama's presser.

The governor's televised address from the hallway of the governor's mansion in Louisiana in response to the president's congressional address was widely ridiculed.
Tonight, Jindal will speak before a live audience of party faithful in Washington, with his address scheduled well before Obama's news conference at 8 pm EDT likely starting before the president's remarks. Obama will draw live broadcast and cable news coverage -- Jindal likely dependent on cable coverage of his talk.