Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Bipartisan Super Bowl

Yesterday Obama invited congress members to a cocktail party. Robert Gibbs says more outreach this weekend over the Super Bowl game. Gibbs spoke at a press briefing today. Check out TheHyperFix if you're on Twitter. The Washington Post reporter writes The Fix and twittered about the press conference, adding some funny commentary about Chuck Todd's hair cut.
Will Obama throw out the opening pitch for the White Sox? Gibbs will check.
AP: President Barack Obama was welcoming House and Senate leaders from both parties to the White House for drinks Wednesday night as he continues to lobby lawmakers to pass his economic recovery bill despite stiff GOP opposition.
The getting-to-know-you-better session was to get under way after the House voted 244-188 to approve Obama's $819 billion stimulus bill. It was a swift victory for the new president, but it was achieved without a single Republican vote despite Obama's heavy push for a bipartisan show of support on the measure.
Republicans say the bill devotes too little money to tax cuts and too much on spending.