Tuesday, January 27, 2009

McCain Can't Decide Who To Be

McCain voted against confirming Timothy Geithner after saying he would. Read about that here.
Geithner was easily confirmed.
John McCain's trouble is he can't decide whether he should side with the republicans, most of whom seem to be on the conservative end of the spectrum, or whether he should be a "maverick." McCain seems to easily succumb to peer pressure as witnessed by the Sarah Palin pick.
I read an article that said Mac is Back. Don't think so. He's acting just like he did during the campaign, trying to appease at the sake of the greater good.
McCain says he won't vote for the stimulus bill as is. What he doesn't say is that he and many republicans will ultimately affirm the stimulus bill. They're just trying to gain power through politics instead of substance. Just like the campaign, just like the last 8 years. Do they think we're not watching? 
Republicans tried to embarrass Obama?
Politico: In the party’s first organized attempt to embarrass President Obama, Senate Republicans voted in unexpectedly heavy numbers against Timothy Geithner for Treasury secretary on Monday night, even though he was easily confirmed.

The vote was 60-34, with 30 Republicans opposed. Geithner was quickly sworn in Monday night at the Treasury Department, where President Obama praised his new secretary.

“At this moment of challenge and crisis, Tim’s work and the work of the entire Treasury Department must begin at once,” Obama said. “We cannot lose a day because every day the economic picture is darkening here and across the globe.”

But the nomination vote gave conservatives an opportunity to rail against Geithner, as conservative talk radio rallied a flood of calls to Capitol Hill on Monday opposing his nomination. A majority of Senate Republicans heeded those calls, making it clear that Geithner may have a credibility gap with the GOP.
If republicans are listening to conservative talk radio, they're in some real sorry shape. Obama has the terrorists rattled and the talk radio types running scared, afraid that their power, post Bush, will fade. Talk radio types have something in common with the terrorists. What do you know. 
In this video, Sen. Mitch McConnell says Obama is having trouble getting democratic support.