Friday, January 30, 2009

Michael Steele New RNC Chair

Michael Steele is the first black man to head the RNC. Republicans get an A+ for recognizing that you can't be diverse if you're not diverse. Steele grew up in a house of democrats and credits Reagan (there's that name again) for turning him into a republican. He's got a lot of work to do. Maybe he can shut down the Rush types. I'd be happy if the republican party could do that. Of course, the Rush types will be spending the next few weeks sucking up. 
See a video on what he says about Obama.
Read more here.
10 things you didn't know about Steele
Here is Steele's "blueprint for tomorrow:"
Blueprint - Grassroots
Here is Steele's acceptance speech:

Just for fun, check out the republicans on Twitter here. Republicans talk guns and tweets:
At a recent debate, the candidates to become chairman of the Republican National Committee were asked -- after rattling off how many guns they own -- whether they have any "followers" on Twitter, the popular online social network for short messages.

They didn't miss a beat.

"Yes, the number is growing last time I checked -- 300 to 400," replied candidate Michael Steele, a former lieutenant governor of Maryland. Users of the site keep track of posts, or "tweets," from other users by becoming their followers.

Another candidate, Katon Dawson, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, said he would be Twittering away at that very moment if it weren't for the debate rules. "I'm just not doing it today because you told us we couldn't," he said.

Then Ken Blackwell, a former secretary of state of Ohio, trumped them both. "I do Twitter, but let me just say I have 4,000 friends on Facebook, which is probably more than these two guys put together, but who's counting?" Read more at the WSJ.