Saturday, September 27, 2008

Un-Scaring Voters

As I've said in earlier posts, the attacks on Obama haven't been just willy nilly. They've been an ongoing, concerted effort by the crazy wing of republicans, fueled by Fox News, to keep Obama out of office. It's been happening for at least a year.

The wingnuts have used email, Internet, YouTube, DVD and other methods to wage their hate campaign. They could've just argued against him on policies and issues but they decided to be utterly ignorant. Reminds me of the vice presidential candidate.

It seems to be a republican theme this year. But I don't want to lump all republicans together because I know that many aren't voting for Obama but they aren't racist. But it's clear that a contingent of the party has racial prejudices or is just using race to manipulate voters.

Republicans like to play victim on this, that they're being accused of racism if they oppose Obama. They know better. That's just another trick. Look no further than Sarah Silverman's perfect video to see how people have been scared and why we must unscare them if we can with facts and information.

Here's a compilation video of Fox's efforts