Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama Hate Group Clarion Fund Hires PR

The Clarion Fund, a non profit being secretly funded, recently sent out DVDs that whisper Obama is a Muslim, and therefore a terrorist. It has hired a public relations person to fend off opposition -- Obama supporters are fighting back. The DVDs are propaganda to keep Obama out of office. The producers of the film are Obama haters. People who subscribe to newspapers in swing states received these DVDs, so if you get one, trash it. 
NPR: As we reported, one of the promoters of the DVD is Joe Wierzbicki, who is active in two anti-Obama political action committees.

One group, Move America Forward, recently produced an ad we already showcased. The other, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, just put up a Web video contending that Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Barack Obama. "All Barack Obama has ever run," it says, "has been his mouth." The video, which runs over 3 minutes, goes into a blooper reel of Obama's gaffes, tongue-tied moments and controversial comments.

At least the people of Appalachia admit they won't vote for a black man. Others who choose to hate on Obama, such as the Clarion Fund, do it in more slimy ways.