Sunday, September 28, 2008

Palin Was an Avoidable Gamble

Joe Biden left the Detroit rally and headed home to prep for the debate. We all know that Biden is well qualified to be vice president and president if need be. We know he knows his stuff, even though he blurts out some stupid things sometimes.

We now know that Palin may be smart, at least that's what some keep saying, but she's in way over her head as a vice presidential candidate. This morning on This Week with George S., McCain sang Palin's praises. He said the American people love her. Out of touch? Maybe they loved her 3 weeks ago but not after she started talking.

She's also  holed up at "debate camp" in one of McCain's 7 or so houses -- the "ranch" one. Her family is joining her. At least that will keep her out of trouble with the media. 

But how does Joe compete in a debate against Palin? Joe must've seen all three interviews that she's done and he must be tickled.

Does he deliver knock out punches, sparing nothing? Or does he exercise some humility? I say give it to her. She's been relentless in her audacity to attack Obama while drowning in her own quicksand. You'd think she would exercise some humility.

But can Joe really give it all without looking like a big meany? It seems he may have to hold back. Who knows, maybe Palin will surprise everyone. Maybe she's a good crammer. At least she now knows that Bono isn't the King of Ireland.

The Green Room on the set of This Week. George Will says Palin was an avoidable gamble. If you didn't know, McCain is a big gambler.