Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rush Says to McCain: Set Palin Free

Rush, who helped pushed Palin upon McCain, agrees with Campbell Brown in a way. Rush thinks they might be saving her like dessert.
Get her out there. She's the one that's electrified the whole base. She's the one that's electrified the election. She's the one that turned this thing around. Get her out there. I'm not talking about press conferences and little chats, sitting around with the Drive-Bys. My fear is that every time I've heard her speak now in the last couple of times, she's been mirroring McCain's message of reform, that Obama's never worked with Republicans but that McCain has worked with Democrats. That's not how to use her. McCain can handle being McCain. They need to send her out there and let her be who she is, as she was introduced. I wish they'd do that. Now, it could be they're saving her, they don't want to overexpose her, save up here for the last two- or three-week crunch.