Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rock the Vote: 1.6 Million Voter Registrations Downloaded

Young voters are going to save the day -- if they come out to vote.
AZ Central: Rock the Vote officials say that 1.6 million people have downloaded voter-registration forms from the group's Web site, up from 1 million during the 2004 presidential election. It's unknown, however, how many people who download forms will follow through and register. Eighty-six percent of those polled said they were likely to vote in the presidential election.

Young-adult voter turnout was up in 2004, jumping to 49 percent from 40 percent in the 2000 election. Although not a record, it was the biggest percentage turnout since 1992 when 52 percent showed up at the polls.

"Our biggest registration weeks are yet to come," said Heather Smith, Rock the Vote executive director. "Most people register as we get closer and closer to the election."

Arizona's registration deadline for the Nov. 4 general election is midnight Oct. 6.

Rock the Vote is a national organization dedicated to getting more young voters to the polls using music, popular culture and new technologies to grab their attention.