Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fey Brings Back Palin on SNL

If you missed Saturday Night Live last night, Tina Fey's portrayal as Sarah Palin was brilliant. She even had Palin's hand motions down and Amy Poehler as Couric, noted how Palin gets cute when she's cornered. You can see it here. 
You can also get more Palin news here
Other morning notes: "She'll get better," said Lindsey Graham on Sarah Palin's ability to see Russia from her house. He was on Fox with John Kerry. Then he falls back on Palin as an agent of change and Obama is just a talker. 
John Kerry needs to be taken off of Sunday duties. He's smart but just isn't good at going on the offense. I can see why people consider him an elitist but he would've been a way better president than Bush. 
Obama, on Face the Nation, refused to say if Palin is or is not qualified. He said he's more concerned that she's just like Bush on foreign policy. He talked a lot about the economy and foreign policy as well. I'll put video up later.