Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Wins the Debate Twice!

I suppose if you like McCain, then McCain came out looking like a smiling dog.
If you like Obama, then you thought he rocked. But Obama totally won.
Obama has the bigger vision -- a broader world view.
McCain has a limited world view. He only looks at the world through the eyes of a soldier. We need so much more.
If you were judging facial expressions, McCain looked angry and irritated. He probably feels like Obama is too young and that he shouldn't be challenging a wise old man. McCain looked like he could pop.
Obama was calm. He reduced the number of times he said "uh." McCain relied on his favorite lines - Ms. Congeniality, he name dropped extensively, the bracelet story he tells all the time (yes, I watch his town halls too). Obama said he had a bracelet too. 
Katie Couric says she called Henry Kissinger and he does support face to face negotiations without preconditions -- McCain said he didn't.
More in-depth analysis and lots of good catches.
Oh, for anyone wondering where Palin was for the after debate interviews -- Joe Biden was everywhere -- she declined. Rudy took her place.