Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama's News Conference Following Meeting With Republicans Nov. 30

Update: If you missed it, Obama said he's called on Congress to pass unemployment extension. He also appointed Timothy Geithner and his budget director to work with both parties to come up with a compromise on the tax cuts. The resolution is expected in a couple of days.
Obama called the meeting productive and judging from his comments, the republicans behaved like grown ups. I can't wait to watch the GOP press conference (I added that video below--they behaved like grown ups).
Here's the video:

In a letter to Obama, several prominent economists are calling for an extension of the unemployment benefits, something that the republicans are fighting against. Republicans -- and many democrats -- also are fighting against the expiration of the tax cuts for rich. It's hard to tell what -- if anything -- will happen in the meeting today. But it will be sad if at the very least unemployment benefits aren't extended.

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