Friday, November 12, 2010

Maddow's Interview with Jon Stewart Video

Jon Stewart is sane. He is so sane.
Stewart says right and left, red states blue states, isn't the fight and the news networks have allowed the left right fight to go on and on.
"My problem is it's become tribal," he said. The point of the rally was to deflate the idea that we're red state, blue state, he said. It's a false fight. I 100% agree. He says we grant amnesty to people we agree with and demonize those we don't. You can find that any day on Twitter, especially yesterday on the debt cutting proposal.
The media exploits both sides, left and right to the detriment of the nation, which is why I don't watch any of them--except for Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe on occasion. I don't watch Olbermann, Schultz, O'Donnell, Limbaugh, Beck.... I want real news -- facts -- and then I want to be able to think for myself and form my own opinion without someone telling me what I should think. If I want analysis, I think Maddow is one of the smartest on the left and David Brooks is a smart one on the right.

On Fox, they've de-legitimized the idea of editorial authority while exercising incredible editorial authority, Stewart said. In other words, Fox exploits people of a certain ideology to make a profit while making its commentary appear legitimate.

Totally agree with Stewart on the word "teabagger." On this blog, I used to use the words wingnut and teabagger (they called themselves that in the beginning), but there came a point when I realized I was buying the nonsense. I never use either anymore.