Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama's Children's Book Hits Store Shelves

Obama's dedication in the book to Michelle: "Whose fierce love and daily good sense have nourished such wonderful daughters."
Obama's children's book hits shelves today. It makes a nice gift because proceeds of the sales will be donated to a scholarship charity for children of wounded or killed soldiers. What's in the book?
Obama goes on to tell them about 13 “groundbreaking Americans.” In order, they are:

Georgia O’Keeffe (“helped us see big beauty in what is small”)
Albert Einstein (“changing the world with energy and light”)
Jackie Robinson (“showed us all how to turn fear to respect”)
Sitting Bull (“a Sioux medicine man”)
Billie Holiday (“sang beautiful blues”)
Helen Keller (“taught us to look and listen to each other”)
Maya Lin (“public spaces should be filled with art, she thought”)
Jane Addams (“fed the poor”)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (“taught us unyielding compassion”)
Neil Armstrong (“first to walk on the moon”)
Cesar Chavez (“showed farmworkers their own power”)
Abraham Lincoln (“promised freedom to enslaved sisters and brothers”)
George Washington (“our first president”) More at WaPo