Monday, November 22, 2010

Libertarians Behind TSA Outcry Want to Abolish TSA

People are largely being manipulated by libertarians and the media on the issue of the TSA scan or pat down, aka groping, at the airport. Ron Paul and a libertarian group We Won't Fly are behind the National Opt Out day, which could cause a mess at the airport on Nov. 24 if people opt to be patted down.
If Opt-Out Day grinds air travel to a halt and forces the government to withdraw the scanners, WWF's next goal is to abolish TSA. It claims the agency isn't "agile" enough to match al-Qaida. slate
The media is contributing to the foolishness of the TSA narrative by demonstrating its prowess at sensationalism, writing the extreme stories -- the one about the man with the urine bag, for example -- to attract attention to their websites. The mainstream media is useless.

Americans need to decide: Are we afraid of terrorists or not? We can't have it all ways. We have to balance security with privacy.

Janet Napolitano stands firm and reminds us--remember when we didn't have to walk through metal detectors: