Monday, June 21, 2010

White House Says Kyl Fibbing

Immigration will never be resolved because there are too many bigots involved in the debate. You can't have a rational debate or develop reasonable policy with bigots.
It's pretty disgusting that this issue hasn't been resolved by now. Many republicans don't want immigration reform. They want the status quo so they can continue to exploit immigrants for cheap labor. That's all anyone cares about. If there is reform, then businesses would actually have to pay people wages.
If anyone really wanted to stop illegal immigration, it would be really easy.
Jail executives for several years when they're found guilty of hiring illegal immigrants, whether they hired them unwittingly or not. Problem solved.
In a video that started circulating among conservative blogs over the weekend, the Arizona Republican is seen telling supporters in North Phoenix that in a private meeting in the Oval Office, Obama said “the problem” with border enforcement measures is that “if we secure the border then [Republicans] won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”
Kyl said the president’s supposed statement is proof that Democrats “don’t want to secure the border unless or until it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform.”

But in a statement to POLITICO, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer denied Kyl’s account of the conversation, saying “the president didn’t say that and Senator Kyl knows it.” Read it all at Politico.
There was a moment on This Week on Sunday between NPR's Michelle Martin and Fox's Greta.
Greta argued that Arizona's immigration law doesn't allow racial profiling and the Obama administration should acknowledge that. Michelle Martin gave Greta a dose of reality on what's wrong with Arizona's law. Watch: