Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama Asks Republicans to Do Something

Obama wants a vote on legislation to extend the homebuyers credit and to extend unemployment benefits. Republicans are blocking a vote. As usual. Obama says 136 nominations are also being intentionally delayed by the republicans. Obama said next week, when Congress returns, he's meeting with bipartisan senators on clean energy legislation. Obama's weekly address:

The republicans counter that Obama should stop complaining. For anyone who's been paying attention, it's perfectly clear that the republicans have done absolutely nothing but block everything. What they have been working toward, ever since Obama took office, is midterm elections. They haven't looked at any of the work that's before them. They've behaved as if Obama's presidency somehow doesn't count, which means when it's their turn, they'll get the same right back at them. Then who loses? We do. The comment of the day from The Hill story on the republican rationale for their obstruction:
Republicans are using obstruction of all legislation as a political strategy. Perhaps on RNC News Sunday McConnell will answer the question of why his party hates America.