Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama's Speaks and Answers Questions at G20 June 27

Full video:

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After three days in Canada at the G8 and G20 gatherings of world leaders, Obama just finished speaking at the G20 and has one more meeting with Japan's new Prime Minister Kan Naoto, according to the WestWingReport. Then Obama heads back to the White House.
Obama says for some reason people keep being surprised when he does what says he was going to do. People should learn a lesson, he said.
Some of what he said, courtesy of CBS' Mark Knoller's tweets (I'll post video when it's up):
On NKorea, Obama says world needs to break "bad habit" of shying away from holding NK resp for its actions - ;like sinking of SK ship.
Obama notes Afghanistan is now America's longest war and "we’ll need to provide assistance to Afghanistan for a long time to come."
Obama expects that by end of year we'll "see progress" in Afghanistan & will conduct review & fix "those things not working."
Obama urges China against "willful blindness" about North Korea's "provocative and deadly" conduct.
Obama will get a better opportunity to talk to China's President Hu when he comes to the White House for a State Dinner.
Check out some photos here.