Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of Obama's Accomplishments So Far

Update March 18, 2012: A nice list of 13 accomplishments, including perhaps the most important, sparing us from a great depression and doing it with a cool head and without any assist from the republicans. Not only did he not get an assist, he's gotten active resistance, republican boulders in his way. Obama's gotten more done in 3 years than any president in recent history.

Update May 1, 2011: The end of bin Laden. 
Update Dec. 23: Read round two of Obama's accomplishments so far. 

Here is a fabulous source: Obama's achievements
Rachel Maddow has a pretty good rundown of Obama's accomplishments.

See a compilation of signed legislation here.

Some of the accomplishments include:
Wall Street reform (coming any day now)
Race to the Top education reform
Credit card reform
Stimulus aka recovery and reinvestment act (totally separate from the bank bailouts). You wouldn't know it with all the GOP propaganda, but the stimulus created at least 2.5 million jobs, kept us out of a depression.
Saving GM

Lilly Ledbetter equal pay for equal work act
Appointed 2 women -- Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagen -- to the Supreme Court
Hate crimes prevention act
Student loan reform (piggybacked on healthcare)
Healthcare reform
Cancelled the F-22
Funded energy and science research
Nuclear arms treaty with Russia
The Obamameter: Tracking Obama's campaign promises