Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama's G8 Schedule June 25 in Toronto

Obama fixes Dick Van Dyke's bowtie at the Ford's Theatre

Obama leaves the White House at 9:10 am eastern.
10:30 am, Obama arrives in Toronto.
11:20, Obama arrives in Muskoka, Canada.
12:15 pm, Obama attends G8 working lunch.
2 pm, Family photo time at the G8.
2:45, Obama meets up with African leaders.
4:45 pm, Obama has working session with African leaders and others.
7:30 pm Obama and G8 meet with My Summit 2010 Youth, which is the international conference for youth that happens at the same time as the G8 and G20.
7:45 pm, Obama has din din with G8 leaders.
Sometime during the day, Obama is expected to have a private meeting with David Cameron.
After the G8 on Friday, comes the G20 on June 26-27, which Obama is also attending.