Monday, June 21, 2010

Republicans Making Hay of Obama's Golfing

Tony Hayward's yachting isn't comparable to Obama's weekend golfing, although I could care less if Hayward yachts. What else do people expect a rich guy to do on his weekend? People are getting mad at the wrong things. If it disturbs them that Hayward took the yacht out this weekend, then they ought to want to see the country move away from oil dependency. They ought to want to see more regulation of the oil industry. They ought to want to see less of republicans, who are the party of drill baby drill.
The Morning joe crew says that republicans are also starting to make hay out of Obama's Sunday golfing, which is ridiculous.
Contrary to popular belief, Obama is a human who needs to do human activities occasionally, otherwise he could face severe burnout with all the crap that he has to put up with. The least he should be able to do is golf on the weekend. He should also be able to go on dates with his wife and spend time with his kids too.
He's a working stiff who spends day and night in the thankless job of POTUS for a salary of $400,000 a year.
The Morning Joe crew also discusses the next attack on Obama--vacation--and the rumors that Rahm, the guy that both the left and the right love to hate, is leaving.

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