Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Politically Obama Loses if he Fires or Keeps McChrystal

Politically, if Obama fires McChrystal he loses and if he keeps McChrystal he loses.
Politics aside, what is the best for the military and the nation?
I think that's how Obama will make his decision. Can the mission go on without Stan?
Perhaps Stan is having mental health issues. Perhaps he's suffering PTSD.
Without a doubt, Stan picked the wrong time to get liquored up for a Rolling Stone interview. Obama is contending with the huge oil disaster, a recovering economy and a number of other pressing matters.
I find it hard to believe that McChrystal is hard to replace. Our military leadership bench can't be that shallow, at least I would hope not. I know that Hamid Karzai will miss his buddy and has already vouched for him, which raises my suspicions about McChrysta'sl coziness with the corrupt Karzai.
Speaking like little boys for public consumption undermined the entire military and put lives at risk. If that's the way they talk in private, that's fine. But it shouldn't be for attribution in a major magazine article.
I'd fire him, but I don't know the ramifications of firing him.