Thursday, May 04, 2006

Minutemen Caravan

the mi-nutemen are caravan-ing. funny stuff. not really.
here's from the la times today:
As Ali chanted "Minutemen go home!" through a bullhorn, Gilchrist treated his message as a metaphorical call to arms.

"Minutemen, stand your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon, and if it's war he wants, then let it begin here," Gilchrist cried.

Gilchrist then yelled "Let's roll," and the Minutemen boarded a fleet of recreational vehicles, campers and cars to begin their cross-country trek aimed at raising awareness of their cause.

The caravan plans to visit rural and urban communities in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Virginia.

The group will hold rallies in Phoenix and Crawford, Texas, before ending the trip at Capitol Hill.

At rallies, Gilchrist will wear a bulletproof vest in addition to having three or four private bodyguards, Minuteman Project spokesman Tim Bueler said.

gilchrist is the mi-nutemen's fearful and misguided leader.

the mi-nutemen, as i like to call them, have much fear in their hearts. they fear immigrants and regularly post on their site what sort of crimes are being committed by folks with hispanic names. how do people like the mi-nutemen become so misguided?

seriously, i had a conversation with a racist in florida. he was wrong in assuming i might be racist too. he told me things i wouldn't care to put in words. he was old, 60 something. too old to change. i tried to reason with him but it was pointless. he was arrogant and self righteous, mostly fearful. not in a scaredy cat way, but in an ignorant way. he just didn't know any better.

on an earlier post i pasted a bit of the obvious racism from the mi-nute women's web site. they are caravan-ing too. the post has since been removed from their site.

but for fun, here it is:
The passenger windown was down a tiny bit! All I needed was a hanger! Dozens of folks meandered in that lot, none of them in possession of a hanger or ANYTHING close. I went into the store [running], remembering I had left my cell phone next to the computer at home, and didn't have the radio station's number with me. No one was home to do anything for me. AAA comes to mind as I run through the store asking one idiot after another if they can come up with a tool to help me open my car! YES,OF COURSE THEY WERE ALL HISPANICS. And NO, none of them were of much use.
In the Garden dept., I thought for sure someone would come to my rescue. Now it is 2:35. Nope! Narry a soul had ever seen a wire hanger or any kind of tool that could help me.

Just as I picked up a roll of flimsy wire in Hardware, a little Mexican gal from Garden hurried up to me. She thought the Automotive dept. might have hangers for their uniforms! And they did. I hugged the little miha (sp?) hard and thanked her, then I ran, full speed across the entire length of the huge parking lot!