Saturday, May 06, 2006

Flea Mail

Flea calms down. no worries. we're gonna buy the record. i bought the record through itunes and am likely to buy the CD for the art!

from RHCP
Date: Saturday, May 6
From: "Michael Balzary"

so we have been here in new york for a few days
i have been lying pretty low
just tooling around a little bit
i went to see pearl jam last night
and they were great
it makes me so happy to see our contemporaries
after several years have rolled by
rocking better than ever
they continue to write good songs
they hit it hard and raw
and the sound of eddie vedder's voice fills me up with hope

after the other morning when i found out our record had leaked
i freaked
it leaked i freaked
after calming down a little bit
and finding out more about what actually happens
it has been bought to my attention by some intelligent people
that most of the people who down load the record before it comes out
are people who really love our music and believe in what we do
and they go out and get the real thing anyway
but of course they can not wait to hear it
and are willing to hear a substandard version first
because they are excited to hear it
and of course i understand and i would do the same thing
it just really scared me that people would be hearing something
without the depth of sound that we strive for

well we are playing saturday night live tonight
i am excited about it
and i dedicate our performance to john belushi
the great performer
and cultural treasure
produced by the united states
who made so many people happy
in front of their televisions