Tuesday, May 09, 2006


one of the best shows on TV.

patricia arquette brilliantly plays alison dubois, a real-life medium. dubois is one of the subjects in a new science book with a bad title -- Spook, by mary roach. the book aims to scientifically prove the existence or nonexistence of the soul by tripping back in history and revisiting psychics and such from the past. the book is a great read with the strongest piece of evidence for the soul coming from the veritas program at the University of Arizona, which is studying psychics like dubois.

ironically, dubois debunks gary schwartz, who's heading the research at the university, for writing the truth about medium, and using her gift to make a profit. schwartz fights back here.

funny, on amazon.com you can get a deal when you buy both books together!

allison's book recommendations are here.

back to medium.

the writing is terrific and so are all of the actors, especially Jake Weber, who plays dubois' aerospace engineer husband Joe (do they make guys like that? i think not. his real life blog), Maria Lark, who plays the precocious Bridget, one of allison's daughters, and Sofia Vassilieva, who plays allison's daughter, ariel.

kelsey grammer, who recently doubled as a devious insurance salesman and the devilish angel of death, produces the show.

the show doesn't get much press but it has a following, about 11 million viewers, and has been renewed for next season. yay!

photos from tv.com