Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Harvard and Ritalin

i've been checking in on the harvard crimson lately, harvard's school newspaper, because other than plagiarisers, the school is supposed to pump out the smarty pants of the world and the future republicans. samuel m. simon ponders something i've wondered myself, even though i never could afford, never dream about mulling it over at a school such as harvard.
He says:
Until recently, I never asked why educated liberals become wealthy Republicans. The Republicans serve the rich, I thought, so anybody who makes any money has a strong incentive to start voting red. Ideals are nice, but they ain'’t gonna pay for the new Porsche. Granted, this view has a strong basis in fact. The Republican Party does support policies that help the rich. And rich people are smart-—they know their own interests. Poor rural folk may be voting against their economic interests because of God, guns, and gays, but rich people aren'’t fooled by the social issues; they know their economic interests, and they vote them.

he goes on to say that bush's tax cut actually hurt the middle class.

here's SOMETHING ELSE. forget about coffee, beer and the illegal drugs. in this story, rich, smarty pants students rely on the hard stuff -- prescription meds -- to study. wow! they really are smart. geez, i didn't even know you could do lines of ritalin.