Friday, August 24, 2012

Romney's Secretive Project Finds Rich Donors

The thought of Romney being president makes me queasy:
Mitt Romney's success in raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the costliest presidential race ever can be traced in part to a secretive data-mining project that sifts through Americans' personal information — including their purchasing history and church attendance — to identify new and likely, wealthy donors, The Associated Press has learned. AP

There are no records of payments to Buxton from Romney's campaign, the Republican National Committee or a joint fundraising committee. Under federal law, companies cannot use corporate money or resources, such as proprietary data analysis, for in-kind contributions to campaigns. AP
Buxton is working for free?
Buxton said he's working for the Romney campaign because he wants "to be on the winning team."
Obama WILL be out raised by Romney this election. Romney is $62 million ahead, mostly because of Superpac donors. Rich people are contributing mostly to Romney's superpacs because they want the guy who will put corporations first to be elected. Corporations are people too, my friend.

Meanwhile, rich democrats are pissy with Obama because they believe they're not being appropriately coddled. Ah, the airs of entitlement. Money is destroying our politics:
One middle-aged widow, from whom the fund-raiser had secured fifty thousand dollars, got four tickets to the swearing-in, but none of them were together. “She was so offended!” the fund-raiser says. “And I got no credit, by the way, for bringing her in. Important donors need to be cultivated so that they’re there four years later.


Big donors were particularly offended by Obama’s reluctance to pose with them for photographs at the first White House Christmas and Hanukkah parties. Obama agreed to pose with members of the White House press corps, but not with donors, because, a former adviser says, “he didn’t want to have to stand there for fourteen parties in a row.” This decision continues to provoke disbelief from some Democratic fund-raisers. “It’s as easy as falling off a log!” one says. “They just want a picture of themselves with the President that they can hang on the bathroom wall, so that their friends can see it when they take a piss.” Another says, “Oh, my God—the pictures, the fucking pictures!” (In 2010, the photograph policy was reversed; Rogers left the Administration that year.) Read more at the New Yorker