Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ann Romney: Mitt is Honest and Golden and We Don't Want to be Attacked

Ann Romney says they're not releasing more tax returns because when they release stuff they get attacked. Well, duh. Anyone who runs for president gets attacked. The Romneys think they're more special than everyone else.
Obama has been attacked daily since 2008 by republicans who say he wasn't even born in America. The Obamas have had to put up with ongoing racist attacks, the worst kind attacks. Mitt's being appropriately attacked. His record is being challenged. You can't just say: "trust us."
Wake up Ann. This is the real deal. You gotta prove yourself. No silver spoon handouts in the race to be president.
She says they have a blind trust and she doesn't even know what's in there. See the video below when Mitt said blind trusts were a ruse.
Ann says we should trust them and that Mitt is honest and golden. Mitt's whole "you didn't built that" riff is an outright lie. Is that golden? Is that honest? No, it's not. Mitt is not golden.

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