Friday, August 31, 2012

David Brooks: Romney Camp Has Serious Managerial Issues

Good RNC wrap up - Romney's got lots of obstacles. So does the GOP. Some of the highlights: Romney may be generous to people he can see, but policy affects everyone. How will Romney policy affect people that aren't Mormon or friends of Mitt's? We already know that Mitt thinks that rich people trickle down wealth.
Mark Shields and David Brooks point out that not everyone is a small business person or wants to be a small business owner and yet, that's all the republicans talk about.
Brooks also points out that even if GDP goes up, not everyone will benefit. As we've seen, only the wealthy have benefited. Brooks says republicans haven't addressed that problem.
Brooks also cites the Eastwood debacle as a managerial issue in the Romney camp. Mitt always seems to screw up when it matters most. Not a good sign.