Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wrong Time to Cut the Deficit?

On Meet the Press, David Gregory brought up all by himself that maybe this is not a good time to cut the deficit, which is quite a flip for anyone in the media. The media has essentially gone along with the tea party austerity narrative. What is seriously needed is economic and business training for political reporters. So many are clueless and the economy is all tied up with politics:

Richard Engel said NATO's not doing a good job in Libya. He says there's not enough bombing going on in Libya to get Gadhafi out of power, which puts him in agreement with Graham, who has a differing opinion than many republicans, who oppose the U.S. operations in Libya, which is really strange.
Full episode with a really good roundtable this week. Thoughtful commentary from LA mayor Villaraigosa, Engel and Goodwin: