Saturday, June 18, 2011

GOP Laugh it up at Racist Jokes at "Leadership" Conference

The Obama impersonator performed at the "Republican Leadership Conference" in New Orleans. If only this were surprising. This kind of immaturity and shallowness is reflected in the GOP candidates, who all look stunted compared to Obama. The irony here is that they could sure use some leadership.
Brown had the president's voice and mannerisms down pat and he drew uproarious laughter at times from the crowd of nearly 2,000, but he was booed when he started making fun of GOP candidates for president. As he was turning to make a joke about a slide of Rep. Michelle Bachmann (Minn.), the fake Obama was ushered off stage with music, ala the Oscars.

“My favorite month is February, Black History Month,” the fake Obama said. “Michelle celebrates the full month, and I celebrate half.”

Obama's late mother also came in for a joke: “My mother loved a black man and no she was not a Kardashian."
I took this post down for a while because I read the impersonator got ushered off, so I thought perhaps some in the press were spinning. But he didn't get ushered off until he started cracking jokes about republicans, according to video: