Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chris Christie on Meet the Press June 26

I'd just like to note that polls about the debt ceiling are absurd because most Americans are clueless as to what it is. Most Americans are clueless about finances overall. Only 24% of Americans have six months savings and that's not because we're too poor, at least not for the majority. It's because Americans are ignorant when it comes to finances and economics.
We have to raise the debt ceiling because that money is already spent. If we don't raise it then the government defaults on its loans. The budget and deficit talks going on now is for future spending.
David Gregory let Christie skate on the education question. Gayle's point was: why did he think it okay to cut public school funding while his kids had the best? She wasn't commenting on where he sent his kids to school. She was noting the hypocrisy, the idea that if you have money your kids can get a good education and if you don't, then too bad.
Also, there's no doubt about it, this guy can call himself honest but he's abrasive as all get out.
On the roundtable discussion of the GOP candidates, I agree with Brooks and Bai. Jon Huntsman has a better chance at winning the republican nomination than what's being portrayed in the media.
The republican party isn't just the tea party. The tea party is a small, vocal part of the republican party that the media plays up because that's what the media does. It thrives on controversy.
Of course, David Gregory couldn't end the show without bringing up Sarah Palin.
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