Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weiner Clings to Power Meet the Press June 12

People are giving Weiner a pass, defending him to the bone because he's a liberal. But Weiner needs to go. Apparently the guy thinks he's really hot and he thought a lot of women needed to know that. He got too comfy and thought he could get away with stuff. Weiner used his power to lure various women, even youngsters into his web. If he cared about his constituents, he'd resign promptly. But he's like all leaders with great egos, they cling to power until the bitter end.

Despite the hearty discussion on jobs by the RNC and DNC reps, there isn't anything the republicans or dems can do to grow jobs, short of a stimulus and no one appears to want to pile on more debt to boost the economy. Cutting taxes doesn't grow jobs. Consumer demand does. But people are saving money, paying off debts. Increasing exports increases jobs, but the world economy has been bad as well. It's going to be a slow climb upward.
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