Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Romney's Diner Experience

Let's just file this one under really dumb Americans.
He sits down briefly with Ashley DelPidio, a college student who'd just nailed down a job after putting her resume on CareerBuilder.
"How is it for other people in your class," asks Romney.
"Not everyone is lucky," she says.
After Romney leaves I check in with her; she, too was impressed. "I could see myself voting for him," she says. "Obama made a lot of promises and he hasn't kept all of them." What would she want President Romney to do that Obama hasn't? "The government needs to help people more when it comes to finding jobs. I think we could use more federal aid, or a federal program for people who are unemployed." Slate
The Obama administration has had several programs to help the unemployed, including extending unemployment benefits--WHICH THE REPUBLICANS FOUGHT. Another was the stimulus, which arguably should've been even bigger but the republicans wouldn't allow it.
As if Romney would even consider a federal program to help the unemployed, as if he even cared. Sure, Romney wants to help his constituents -- businesses -- to get their tax cuts and fewer regulations, but helping the unemployed -- through a federal program -- HA! That's funny.
Republicans know, unlike many democrats and many Americans in general, that recessions are cyclical. They always work themselves out. Jobs will return.
This downturn will be a long slog because people bought more than they could afford -- more home, more car, more goodies. People used their homes like ATM machines, not planning for any kind of downturn. That's why this downturn has been worse. On top of the housing mess and the unemployment, people were in debt up to their eyeballs.