Sunday, September 27, 2009

World Leader To Obama: Explain the Hitler Mustache

I'll explain it to Mr. or Ms. World leader: America has an obnoxious yet small minority of irrational idiots who equate universal health care with the tyranny of Hitler. They are people who lack common sense, civility and a basic knowledge of history. Obama told the tale last night during his speech to the black caucus (watch the full speech here).
"I was up at the G20 -- just a little aside -- I was up at the G20, and some of you saw those big
flags and all the world leaders come in and Michelle and I are shaking hands with them," the
president said. "One of the leaders -- I won't mention who it was -- he comes up to me. We take
the picture, we go behind.
"He says, 'Barack, explain to me this health care debate.'
"He says, 'We don't understand it. You're trying to make sure everybody has health care and
they're putting a Hitler mustache on you -- I don't -- that doesn't make sense to me. Explain that
to me.'" read more at ABC