Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama's Speech at G20 Sept. 25 Video

This speech concludes the G20. Obama heads back to Washington and probably back to health care.

Obama answers press questions:
Obama answers a question on negotiating with Iran. When the U.S. meets with Iran on Oct. 1, they need to decide what they want to do, he said. Obama said he's not going to discuss sanctions yet. "We're going to give Oct. 1 a chance."
A question on demonstrators who see capitalism as "devilish." Obama says capitalism isn't the source of all ills. If the protesters were paying attention, they would've heard a strong recognition from a diverse group of leaders that the market needs to work for ordinary people and that government has a role in regulating the market, he said. Relative to other summits, this one was "tranquil," he said.
Obama is asked about the war in Afghanistan: Obama says we went into Afghanistan because Al-Qaeda killed Americans and vowed to continue. The overriding goal is to dismantle Al Qaeda. Stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan are critical to that goal, he said. The allegations of fraud in the recent election are concerning, he said. What's important is that the people see their government as legitimate. If they don't view their government as legitimate, then the task is more difficult. Our military strategy is only part of a broader project, he said. "This is not easy," he said.

Chip Reid gets all sarcastic and asks if he views this as a victory. Obama: "This isn't a football game." Chip Reid shut down again.