Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mousavi Trying to Engage Obama for His Own Gain

This is so dangerous. As if we don't have enough of our own troubles.
Mousavi is trying to engage Obama for his own ends. He's luring the U.S. to fight his battle. Watch the video.
The republicans are suckers. They've already made it clear they'd like to fight Mousavi's battle (under the guise that they're fighting for a fair Iranian election). Since when do the republicans care about the Iranian people? Please.
Mousavi promises better relations with the U.S. but it's easy to see what he's trying to do. 
I'd suggest people read about Mousavi and read about the history of Iran and how U.S. meddling in past elections have negatively affected U.S. Iranian relations and led to leaders like Ahmadinejad.  
Here's what I think
1) The media has skewed election coverage.
2) Ahmadinejad may have actually won. Ahmadinejad's supporters, the rural people, aren't media savvy. They're not on Twitter or Facebook. They don't speak English and they're not being heard. 
Even if Mousavi won, it's up to the Iranian people to demand better of their country and to change their country. The U.S. can be supportive but we shouldn't be fighting their battles. Give it a few more years and Ahmadinejad could be history for real.