Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fox Swipes at Obama's Ice Cream Outing

I knew Fox "News" would make a to-do about this. Of course, Ann Coulter is up in arms about Obama getting ice cream. Little does Coulter realize, her daily hate is an awful virus that we could all use a break from. 
Some perspective. Iranian is in a state of chaos, no thanks to U.S. media, but there are plenty of worldly woes. Should Obama also not get ice cream because people in Haiti are starving. Children in the U.S. are still being beaten. Our own soldiers are still getting killed in Iraq.
What a bunch of hypocrisy. People are just fixated on Iran--for the moment. 
People are dying and suffering everywhere. Other things that have happened in the world today. Somalia is seeking military assistance from its neighbors. 
70 people died in Iraq:

42 million Haitians have fled Haiti:

And of course, there's still the war in Darfur. Where's the outrage? Where are the Facebook postings and Twitter tweets on that? Where's CNN's coverage?