Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry Smith Shuts Down Snide Mitt Romney

Republicans have some sort of weird thing going on with Ronald Reagan. I understand having admiration of the former president, who has since passed away, but come on, get with the modern times. What worked then might not work now. If Reagan were president today, he might be doing things in a different way. But don't try telling that to conservatives pining for the past.
CBS' Harry Smith shuts down Mitt at about the 2 minute mark when Romney says Obama's stance on Iran wasn't like Reagan's "tear down this wall" moment.
Smith points out that was a very different occasion.
Romney is such a snot. His language is so spiteful and he has such venom for Obama, a psychologist might say he's plainly jealous. Many of the alpha males have troubles keeping their testosterone in check when it comes to Obama.
Watch the video here.