Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama's Yes We Can

another interview with ochairball.
you were predicting an obama win tonight?
indeed. no win for the hoarse and obviously tired obama but he sure gave an inspiring speech tonight. it was a winning speech. it's probably a good thing he didn't win given the media overkill on his campaign. twas hillary's night. an amazing battle it is.

a side note. i keep hearing people say that the candidates need to tell us what they plan as president but there are books and web sites and plenty of places where you can find out this information. get informed.

super duper tuesday

primary rundown from the obama campaign:
· Nevada: January 19th -- We have the biggest organization with 11 field offices and more than 50 staff; we're gaining strength every day.
· South Carolina: January 26th -- Former Democratic chairman Donald Fowler praised our 55 staff members in 11 offices for running "the most methodical voter-canvassing project I have ever seen in South Carolina."
· 22 other states: February 5th -- We have 32 offices open in 17 states, including states like Alaska, Utah, and Alabama where we're the only campaign up and running with a serious organization.