Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good Choices in 2008

another interview with ochairball on last night's debate.

so ochairball, what did you think? what's up with mitt romney's hair? his facial expressions scare me. he reminds me of a mean boss. all of them seemed like wicked old men except for the oldest guy, john mccain. they seemed out of touch with normal people. the way they argued with each other was childish. my concern with mccain is that he is all about war. it has consumed much of his life.

what about the democrats? they rocked. all of them. i was surprised by bill richardson. hillary smiled a real smile. they interacted intelligently. let it be known, i am a "decline to state," which means i can vote in any party in calif. i have voted for republicans in the past. but the demos are all over making things happen. they're in touch with what people want.

is obama still your pick? yes. but even if he didn't win, there are some good choices. edward's seems to think he can actually tackle corporations. i'm skeptical about that. i liked his ideas. he tends to talk too glowingly, though.

and hillary?
there are worse things that could happen if she won. she was right about the demos being in touch. i think she's learning from the other candidates. it's nice that we'll actually have some good choices.