Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Masters Freed on DNA Evidence

an argument for why the death penalty should banned:
GREELEY, Colorado (CNN) -- Tim Masters often drank heavily before he was
imprisoned for murder in 1999, but he said he's sworn off the stuff in an
interview Wednesday, his first full day of freedom in nearly nine
"Just because I don't look angry doesn't mean I don't have a whole lot
of anger inside," Masters said. "I don't want to get drunk. People get drunk,
they have no self control. I don't want to get mad or do anything stupid or say
something stupid. I'd rather just stay sober."
The anger he fears unleashing is aimed squarely at the Fort Collins Police Department, which doggedly pursued him for almost 12 years before charging him with the 1987 murder of Peggy Hettrick -- a crime he has always insisted he didn't commit.