Sunday, January 27, 2008

First Caroline Now Ted Kennedy

Sen. Ted Kennedy backs Obama
the numbers from wsj:
With 99% of the precincts counted, Mr. Obama took 55% of the vote, largely due to his strong support among African-American voters who make up half of all registered Democrats in the state. Mrs. Clinton followed with 27%, and John Edwards, a South Carolina native, won 18%.

A CNN exit poll showed that 82% of black men and 79% of black women voted for Mr. Obama, many of whom reside in the largely black districts of Columbia and Greenville.

Mr. Obama also gained 25 Democratic National Convention delegates, Mrs. Clinton won 12 and Mr. Edwards eight. Overall, Mrs. Clinton has 249 delegates, followed by Mr. Obama with 167 and Mr. Edwards with 58.

With this wave of momentum, Mr. Obama moves to the coast-to-coast competition for more than 1,600 delegates. South Carolina shows that Mr. Obama couldn't only make a strong finish in largely black states like Georgia and Alabama but also in important states with dominantly white electorates like Illinois, California and Mrs. Clinton's home state, New York.

Mrs. Clinton still fared well in her core demographic of white women, 44% of whom voted for the former first lady. Mr. Edwards played an important part in Mrs. Clinton's finish, taking 43% of the white-male vote and 34% of all white women. The former North Carolina senator dominated in Seneca, the town he was born in.

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