Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stephen Hawking Asks

How can the human race be saved? those of you with a yahoo account probably saw this. but the theoretical physicist is really asking and about 12300 people have replied so far. and looking at the answers it looks as though our sorry lot is doomed!
some of the responses:
Simple. Keep eating, keep drinking, keep defecating, keep urinating, keep breathing and keep having sex. I would say keep praying also, but I've seen our culture on an increasingly constricted diet of prayer to our God, or Lord Jesus our Christ, and somehow we keep on keepin' on. Not very good, but then quality wasn't a part of your question.

They will live under water

We exterminate all the ignorant folks who drive monsters as big or bigger than the ones back in the 70's. We educate the "selective hearing crowd" into hearing what is important. We fix city living where it is mandatory to ride public transit, bike or walk to work. We get greedy, manipulative, obnoxious, ill decision making dumb asses out of office! We make it unlawful for capitalizing fools who genetically transform, hormonally induce, and pesticide our food supply. We keep our eyes open and remember what a fascist society once was like.

By eating and drinking. Our armies will (hopefully) protect us.

by means of love only

easy just as the elders did the last 100 years survival

oh, and here's my favorite, the old rapture
Don't worry! When things get really bad the rapture will happen. Then the apocalpyse. Then moving into space and stuff won't really matter, because all the sinners will be dead.

some of his research